To the companies of the electric power sector and to the deregulated users with which it signs power supply agreements.

A user that has a consumption equal to or greater than 55,000 kWh – month for six months or otherwise an average monthly power demand greater than 100 kW for six months.

  • Has a remote or telemetered electrical energy measurement system, as specified in the metering code, CREG Resolution 038 2014, which is checked remotely by the seller.
  • Has a dedicated telephone line or communication system for the electrical energy meter.
  • Is in good standing with the previous seller.

If the failure occurs in the electrical network to which the user is directly connected, the repair will be the exclusive responsibility of the grid operator:

Caribbean Region:

The operators are AIR-e S.A.S. E.S.P., for users located in the departments of Atlantico, La Guajira, and Magdalena.

AFINIA S.A.S. E.S.P., for users located in the departments of Bolivar, Cordoba, Sucre, and Cesar.

Failures are reported by telephone dialing 115

Boyacá: The operator is EBSA E.S.P.

Failures are reported by telephone dialing 115

Unified Antioquia: The operator is EPM E.S.P.

Failures are reported by telephone dialing 115

However, in both circumstances, GECELCA S.A. E.S.P. acts as an advisor to correct such inconvenience in the power supply as quickly as possible, as long as it is our customer.

Para efectos de presentar una propuesta de venta de energía, es necesario que el cliente suministre la siguiente información:

  • Región del país o localización geográfica en la que se encuentra ubicado.
  • Nivel de tensión al que está conectado.
  • Consumo de energía mensual para cada nodo de carga.
  • Demanda máxima en el mes de cada nodo de carga.
  • Si es posible copia de los últimos tres (3) recibos de energía.

No, for a customer to be considered a deregulated user, he/she must comply with the measures specified in question No. 2 of this questionnaire using a single energy meter or commercial border.

Below are the steps to enter into a power supply agreement: Be in good standing with the previous power supplier. Comply with the specifications established by the CREG with respect to the metering elements, after a visit from the area’s Retailer and/or Grid Operator. Sign the respective agreement with GECELCA S.A. E.S.P., upon delivery of the required payment guarantees. Wait for the results of the border registration process with the Commercial Exchanges System Administrator (ASIC). Once the registration is accepted by ASIC, the power supply begins on the date set out in the agreement signed by the parties.