Regulatory Information


Change of seller procedure

Rights and responsibilities of users

Below are the rights and responsibilities of users of the public services of electric power and natural gas sale provided by GENERADORA Y COMERCIALIZADORA DE ENERGÍA DEL CARIBE S.A E.S.P.
  1. To freely choose the service provider.
  2. To submit complaints, grievances, requests for public information, or suggestions, in accordance with the provisions of the law and the energy and gas contracts signed with GECELCA S.A. E.S.P.

  3. To be timely informed of the amounts to be paid for the supply and other services rendered.

  4. To receive a quality service in accordance with the regulations in force and the service provision agreement.

  5. To receive periodic and timely bills for services rendered, in accordance with the terms and conditions.

  6. To receive all information, guidance and advice required to carry out any procedure with GECELCA.


  1. Refrain from giving or receiving perks or gifts to or from GECELCA’s employees and/or contractors for activities related to the provision of the service.  
  2. Maintain the electrical networks and installations, equipment, and electrical appliances, and use them properly.

  3. Inform GECELCA S.A E.S.P. of any irregularity, anomaly or change that may occur in the electrical networks and installations, in the meter or measuring equipment, in the variation of the load, changes of ownership, address or any other event that involves modifications to the conditions and data registered in the service contract.

  4. Allow inspection of meters and electrical energy measurement systems, access to GECELCA S.A E.S.P. operators to the place where the meters are located, and their periodic reading.

  5. Comply with the provisions of the Metering Code, CREG Resolution 038 of 2014, as amended.
  6. Fulfill the obligations contained in the contract for the provision of electrical energy and natural gas sale services.

  7. Perform the calibration of meters and electrical energy measurement equipment, in accordance with the provisions of the Metering Code.

Energy sale rates

The prices offered by GECELCA S.A. E.S.P. for energy sales in the market take into account, among others, the variables established in the regulations in force, the variable operating costs of the units represented in the market, the fuel costs projections, and the market prices projections, which have a strong dependence on the weather conditions in Colombia, given the high hydraulic component of the generating park. For deregulated customers, in addition to the above, the final price is agreed between the parties after a negotiation process

CREG Resolution 080 of 2019