Corporate Social
Responsibility Program

GECELCA’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program reaffirms our commitment to achieve environmental balance, social development and economic growth for the Company and its stakeholders, thus promoting sustainability.

Our sustainability benchmarks are the National Development Plan, ISO 26000, and the United Nations Global Compact, to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, through a structured and focused management in several activities carried out by the company’s units.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is based on the following guidelines:


Vda. Alto San Jorge 1 of 7 Quebrada Andrea 2 of 7 Mingueo 3 of 7 Weipiapaa 4 of 7 Vda. Río Cañas 5 of 7 Vda. Casa Japón 6 of 7 Vda Casa Aluminio 7 of 7
Corozalito 1 of 14 Sardi 2 of 14 Quebrada Nueva 3 of 14 La Odisea 4 of 14 Buenos Aires Arriba 5 of 14 Buenos Aires Abajo 6 of 14 Centro Amércia 7 of 14 Puente Uré 8 of 14 Torno Rojo 9 of 14 Puerto Unión 10 of 14 Francia Elena 11 of 14 Villa Carminia 12 of 14 La Palma 13 of 14 Nueva Esperanza 14 of 14


GECELCA contributes to the social and economic development
of its area of influence in the department of Córdoba through the implementation of activities based on five intervention cores:


We promote wellness and a healthy life for all, we develop preventive health campaigns to improve the living conditions of the community residents in our areas of influence.

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We generate learning opportunities to ensure quality education, we contribute to the educational development of children and the technical, technological, and professional training of youth in the region.

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We promote the sustainability of communities through their own economic growth and income generation by supporting productive projects and job training.

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We support our communities through contributions and education on topics of interest, we promote environmental conservation, and provide assistance in case of emergencies that may arise in the areas of influence.

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We support the all-round development of children, youth, and senior citizens, encouraging sports and  cultural and recreational activities.

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At GECELCA we believe that by transforming lives through education, we are a source of development and progress for the country. For this reason, our main strategy is focused on improving the educational quality of children and young people in our areas of influence.


For GECELCA, transforming possibilities into opportunities, leading initiatives that lead to the sustainable development of the region, is building future.


At GECELCA, we know that if you have health, you have everything. For this reason, our commitment to the communities does not stop. We develop health brigades with specialists, promotion and prevention strategies, deworming sessions…


At GECELCA we believe that sport has a power to change the world! We do it through different activities to promote culture, recreation and the use of free time. We also improve the infrastructure of sports institutions…


Beyond generating energy, our main purpose is to do good. That is why we work tirelessly to support those who need it most. For this, we lead activities to improve and provide community infrastructure…


At GECELCA we believe in the power of good energy, in the talent of our people and in their desire to progress.

That is why we work hard to convert their efforts into development fruits. Through the A Tune in newsletter, learn about the social management carried out annually in our areas of influence.